St. Joseph Michigan Wedding Photographer

Ok y’all this day was EVERYTHING. Becky and Sean are just the bee’s knees and Sydney (of Sydney Marie Photography) and I had the greatest time ever with them bopping around St Joseph Michigan. We LOVE THEM. I will let the two of them take it from here because I have no words. They are amazing.


Your Love Story:

Sean and Becky first met during Becky’s last semester of undergrad in Professor Fishback’s Math 360 class at Grand Valley State University. As usual, Becky picked a seat in the back of the room where, hopefully, no one would bother her. Sean picked the seat right next to her. For the first few weeks of class, conversations were minimal. Then, it came time for the first big project. Professor Fishback encourages partner work, and after announcing the project, Sean turned to Becky and asked, “Do you want to be partners for this project?” Becky hates partner work, but she didn’t want to be rude, so she responded, “sure.” Immediately after leaving class she called her dad to complain about the guy who sits next to her asking her to work on this project with him. After all, Becky hated letting other people take credit for her hard work. As the semester continued, Becky and Sean became math partners. They completed all homework assignments and projects together (well, Becky completed them while Sean kept her company). They bonded over funny math pickup lines, marching band, and a few other common interests. At the end of the semester, Becky graduated and moved back home.

After graduation, Becky and Sean stayed in touch. They began to text constantly every single day which eventually led to late night phone calls and Skype sessions. Over time, their friendship grew and blossomed into something more. On March 16, 2013, Sean asked Becky to be his girlfriend using a game of hangman. Since then, they have continued to grow closer each and every year. They developed new hobbies and interests together including wine tasting, exploring new restaurants, visiting new breweries, and identifying the best coffee shops in town. They have had adventures both big and small including trips to Disney World and multiple weekends in Traverse City, MI. While some couples would have crumbled under the rivalry, Sean and Becky’s love grew even stronger when she went away to graduate school at THE Ohio State University (Go Bucks!). They even got a cat together, even though Sean wanted a dog. Ultimately, on March 17, 2017, Sean asked Becky to spend the rest of her life with him. On May 19, 2018, they tied the knot and made it official in St. Joseph, MI. They are excited about their future together and cannot wait to see how their love blossoms in the years to come.

Becky’s Dress

Ever since I was younger, I had always dreamed about wearing a ball gown style dress (most likely from the Disney Princess collection) by Alfred Angelo. When it was time to start looking for my dress, I scheduled an appointment at the Alfred Angelo store in Grand Rapids, MI and picked out all of my favorite styles to try on during my consultation. The day before my appointment, Alfred Angelo announced their bankruptcy and closed their doors. I was devastated. As I drove to my parent’s house in tears, my mom scheduled me an appointment at a local bridal shop that carried the Alfred Angelo Disney Princess collection. The next day we went, and I found a dropped waist ball gown in that collection that I liked, but did not love. Because this seemed like my only chance to have my dream of being an Alfred Angelo Disney Princess bride come true, I purchased the dress off the rack. That night, I cried again: although I liked the dress, I did not love it.

The next weekend, I went to a local bridal shop by my home in Naperville called A Joyful Occasion. The owner’s daughter, Kelly, was my consultant. After hearing my story, she pulled every dropped waist ball gown they had in their store. When I first put on the Kenneth Winston, I was surprised because it seemed like a dress I would never have picked for myself. When I came out of the dressing room, I told my family I was not a fan of the dress, but my dad said that he really liked it. Later on, I put the dress back on for my dad and realized that it was everything I didn’t know I was looking for. I loved this dress, and I felt like the princess I wanted to look like on my wedding day. Kelly and her mom, Susan, at A Joyful Occasion found my perfect dress and made my wedding day dreams come true. My dress made me feel beautiful and sexy on my wedding day, and Sean’s reaction when he first saw it is something I will never forget. 😉

Sean’s Suit

We decided to go a more modern route and did custom suits from Jos A Banks rather than tuxes. Doing a custom suit we were able to design the guys’ look exactly the way Sean wanted and chose a sharkskin grey, 3-piece, slim fit suit. The groom’s accessories were navy blue because that is the color that represented him in the wedding. We wanted the groomsmen’s accessories to match the bridesmaids’ dresses, but the bride picked an “eggplant” colored bridesmaid dress which was a very difficult color to match in men’s suit accessories. We searched for weeks to find the groomsmen’s ties. We were unable to find affordable pockets squares that matched, so we had the bride’s mother and sister make pockets squares from fabric that matched the bridesmaids dresses exactly. The groom’s favorite part of the entire ensemble was the matching goofy socks he bought for himself and all of the groomsmen. That way there was a little bit of Sean’s style underneath everything. Not only did the men look dapper on the wedding day, but all of the guys now have a custom fit suit to keep after the big day! We think they will definitely be put to good use. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the best man in his suit outside of the wedding already. 😉

sean reacting to beckys dressst joseph michigan wedding photographer


It didn’t take us long to pick out our venues for our wedding. The first venue we picked was our reception venue, Shadowland Ballroom. After deciding on a physical location (St. Joseph MI), we spent weeks researching potential venues in the area like every couple does. We decided to set up an appointment to meet with Nicole at Shadowland Ballroom first. As soon as we walked in, Becky was sold. The room was large and open with plenty of room for dancing. The “sunset room” had glass French doors that allowed the natural light to come in and provided a nice view of the surrounding park. The patio was lit up with lights, and Becky could already picture how beautiful that would look the night of her wedding. All of this just over 600 feet from Silver Beach.  As soon as we left the meeting Becky said “so, do we go back in and lock this down before we lose the date?” Sean told her “We cannot sign with the first place we visited, we have to shop around.” We didn’t shop around. On Monday, we called and put a deposit down. The venue was perfect for us.

 For our ceremony, it was very important to us to get married in a Church. Because we are not from the area, it was difficult to find a Church that would allow non-parishioners to get married. Lucky for us, we found Saron Evangelical Lutheran Church. Pastor Joan Oleson was very welcoming and opened her doors for us to be married there. The Church was very close to Shadowland which was an added bonus. We still get compliments on how much our guests enjoyed our venues and the beautiful choices we made.

st joseph michigan wedding photographer

The Ceremony: 

Our wedding ceremony was the perfect blend of religion and personality that we were hoping for. Pastor Joan did an amazing job at giving us a ceremony that was tailored to us. We were able to customize our ceremony to include the exact wording that we wanted. She spent a few hours over the course of our pre-wedding sessions really getting to know us as a couple, and she used the information from those sessions to make our ceremony personal and special to us. Some of our favorite parts of the ceremony included the option to honor family members who were no longer with us as well as Pastor Joan’s sermon about us as a couple, our love story, and our future together. The ceremony was fantastic and reflected our values and love for each other in a magnificent way. Our guests still comment on how beautiful it was.

st joseph wedding photographershadowland ballroom wedding

The Decor: 

Since the Church for our ceremony was already elegant and traditionally decorated, we chose not to add any decoration to this space. In order to save money, we decided to DIY all of the décor for our wedding reception. We started with the centerpieces, and our first idea was very different from the final product. Our final centerpieces not only incorporated our color palate (eggplant, navy blue, and silver), but they also incorporated some of our favorite activities together. We painted wine bottles silver, and instead of table numbers, we turned our engagement pictures into wine bottle labels and gave each table a different picture. Our table cards were wallet size engagement pictures placed inside a wine cork, and guests matched the picture to identify the table they were seated at. We painted wine glasses purple and blue, and then we filled them with water and floated a candle in them. The third piece was a beer bottle which we covered with silver glitter and tied a purple bow around. The entire setting was topped off with eggplant tulle around the pieces and loose stem flowers inside the wine bottle that were provided by our florist, Andylous Flowers.

For the head table, we frosted wine bottles and filled them with lights. We then placed these around some more of the painted wine glasses with candles. For the center of the table, we painted “Mr. & Mrs.” signs and used Becky’s bridal bouquet as the center floral arrangement. The Bridesmaids bouquets were used to fill out the remainder of the table. Our favorite decoration was a wine barrel that Becky and Sean bought impulsively to have guests sign during the reception. They plan to turn this barrel into a table that they can keep in their home to always remind them of their wedding day, and all of the amazing people they shared it with.

DIY-ing all of the decorations took a lot of time and work. Luckily, Becky’s sister and maid of honor was there every step of the way to help through the process. Besides her (and a little help from the bride’s parents), Becky and Sean spent months putting together all of the decorations that were used in the reception. Finally, some of their closest friends worked very hard the day of the wedding to make sure their vision was executed perfectly. shadowland ballroom wedding

Reception/Dancing/Music: All the fun!

For our wedding reception, we wanted to throw a once in a lifetime party. Thanks to all of our vendors, we were able to make that happen. Our reception venue, Shadowland Ballroom provided our tasty appetizers and dinner. They also provided the alcohol or the bar, allowing us to feature and enjoy some of our favorite local drinks such as Vandermill ciders, Bell’s Oberon, and our favorite local wines such as Gravity’s Michigan Magnetism. The best part of the bar, however, was Shadowland’s house special sangrias: white strawberry sangria and red berry sangria. The bar choices were definitely a hit with our guests! Our baker, Country Cottage Bakery, provided our gorgeous wedding cake and yummy desserts. We even rented the Silver Beach Carousel for half an hour so that our guests and wedding party could have private carousel rides. The carousel rental gave us the experience to remember and also provided some very memorable pictures.

After dinner, the dancing began. We wanted the dance floor to feel like a club, and our DJ’s at 27 Entertainment, delivered just that. Once the dance floor opened for dancing, the party didn’t stop. Even at the end of the night, when there were only about 25 people left, we were still having a blast on the dance floor. Our reception was, without a doubt, the night to remember that we were hoping for, and all of our guests still talk about how great of a time they had. We are eternally grateful to all of the people that helped make our day special. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding.

(HI! It’s Rachel, just gotta chime in here because I was BLOWN away by how fun and amazing your DJ’s were. I work with SO MANY DJ’s and the ‘dancing DJ’s’ were my favorite of all time. Who knew having your DJ dance around w/ your guests would make it that much more fun! Shout out to them cause they rock)

shadowland ballroom

Your Photographer: 

There is not a single bad thing to say about our experience working with Rachel. She is an amazing photographer and a true professional. The proof is in her photos. She is so fun and quirky, and makes the photography experience something that you will never forget. Our wedding party and family members still comment on how awesome she was to work with. On our wedding day, our photo locations did not work out the way we planned (for reasons beyond Rachel’s control), and yet she made the best of what we had to work with. We ended up taking pictures in a random parking lot, and although it may not sound romantic, the pictures still turned out beautiful. Rachel (and her second photographer Sydney) were worth every penny. They captured our special day in a way that will allow us to relive all of our favorite moments for the rest of our lives. We cannot wait to do future business with Rachel!

(Rachel again, omg you guys make me want to cry!!! You can see how fun and quirky I am above 😉 I am ALWAYS dancing with your guests to get those good shots (and sometimes I have to take a little dance break as seen above :P)

Any Advice for couples planning their wedding?

Weddings can be expensive and everyone wants to tell you how your wedding should go. Remember that this day is about the two of you. Spend your money on the things that are going to make or break the day for you, and don’t spend money on the things that don’t matter. Tune out the noise and ignore what everyone says you are supposed to do. This is your day, and as long as it is what you want, everyone, including you, will have a fantastic time. Take it in and enjoy it. The day goes by very fast, but the memories you make will last forever.

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The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms Rockton IL Wedding

This was such a freaking great day. Despite some sprinkle rain showers (we got VERY lucky….. it was supposed to be just completely storming the entire day! it DID NOT), everyone in this wedding had the BEST DAY EVER!!! I got to take along my partner in crime Matt to help me shoot this and he just did the greatest job ever! Hanging w/ Kaitlyn + Eric and all their bestest friends (and family!) was the most fun <3 I will let them take the day from here:



Eric and I met at Argonne National Laboratory, where I still work and Eric used to work before he moved on to become a Police Officer. Eric describes it as knowing he needed to be with me from the first moment he saw me. I, of course, didn’t pay any attention to him for about 1.5 years. Until one day Eric and I got put on an assignment together. He was a security officer and I work internal security. When we were put on this assignment he was so nervous and pretty much messed up everything that I went back and told everyone how little he knew (not knowing he had a huge crush on me). Long story short we end up at the same drinking hole one night after work, shared the BEST kiss ever and the rest is history. I swore I knew I was in love after just one kiss. Cool thing is, my parents met at Argonne as well and we got married just 4 days after their 30th wedding anniversary.

Our engagement was pretty awesome too. Eric was graduating from the police academy and I threw him a surprise graduation party with all of our family and friends. Eric thought we were just going to dinner with our parents and siblings and he had planned to propose at dinner that night (our families had to keep 2 surprises a secret). When we got to the house and everyone shouted surprise Eric was extremely confused and happy and I thought all of the surprises were done for the day. The party went on for about 4 hours before Eric gathered everyone to give thanks for coming to celebrate him, (I was still clueless at this point as he is giving his speech). The speech then turned into a proposal to me in front of all of our friends and family. I can honestly say I have never EVER been surprised in my life because I’m too much of an investigator, but I was and my face sure showed it!

The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms in Rockton, IL is TOP NOTCH. I do not have ONE bad thing to say about this place. I found this venue and fell in love, it was exactly what we were looking for. Rustic/glam. It had all the natural feel we wanted and the staff there knows how to run a successful wedding. We wanted the wedding closer to our home, but we couldn’t pass this place up and we are so glad we didn’t. The ceremony was supposed to be outside which I’m still a little bummed about, but we can’t control the weather and it turned out beautiful inside.  The food was also amazing!

The Ironworks Hotel in Beloit, WI also deserves a shout out. We had many of our guests stay here and I felt like it was such a great touch to our wedding. The décor and structure of the hotel were so cozy and made for great photos. The hotel staff was also more than accommodating and they allow dogs so 5 stars in my book! Eric’s mom (Becky) also took time to make favor bags for everyone staying in the hotels we booked, which turned out super cute and the guests were so appreciative(there was alcohol in them ;)).

I got my dress from Bella Sposa in Tinley Park, awesome boutique!!! I brought my mom, mother in law, one of my best friends/bridesmaids (who was super hungover lol) and we face timed in one of my other best friends/bridesmaids form Colorado. My sister/MOH couldn’t make it this morning. It was the second dress I tried on and I was in love. To be honest I was most in love with how comfortable and light it was and felt like I could groove all night in it. I also felt like it was simple, yet stunning, and Eric is all about me in simple things. I felt so romantic in it too! I, of course, tried on several others but kept going back to this one. I ended up buying it, but kept second guessing myself because it was hard to believe I found my dress in like 5 minutes at the first bridal shop I went to. Nonetheless, I was so pleased with it and got so many compliments. I decided to do no veil so the back of the dress could be seen because it was just so beautiful. I can’t remember the designer (because I just really just don’t care about things like that), but the color was ivory and the underlayer was a gold/pink/sable color depending on what light I was in.

We ordered the guys suits on, super affordable and so many options I highly recommend.  We decided against tux’s because we wanted it to be more lax. We wanted a brighter navy blue and we definitely got it! When Eric’s arrived he said he felt like Ron Burgundy and the Channel 5 News Crew and I died laughing!!! I think he was a little nervous about how bright it was, but they looked so so awesome the day of especially with the gold dresses.

We wanted to go pretty simple with the décor. The Pavilion is so beautiful by itself we didn’t want to cover that up. I had Event Floral do pretty much all of our décors. We used a lot of natural greens and whites as well as some accents of blues and blush. They did 3 different types of centerpieces which I loved having the contrast. They also changed up much of the ceremony décor last minute when I moved the wedding inside and it turned out better than I imagined!

Eric’s brother, Drew, is an amazing artist so Eric built our main focal centerpiece as well as our welcome sign out of wood and stained them. Drew then took time to paint them both. Drew painted a big “M” and “Mason” on the main piece that was on the fireplace. And he didn’t just paint it he did like an ombre white to gold to match our colors. It looked beyond amazing and people have even asked us to make one for them. I love it because it is in all of our photos and we will hang it in our home.

Kaitlyn’s mom (Rita) also had the grand idea for our escort cards. We found logs out in the forest and Eric and his Dad (Curt) cut slits into the logs to hold each card. They were then placed on a round table like the spindle of a bike tire. It looked awesome!!

The ceremony was perfect. Our guests are still talking about our vows. Although it was nerve-racking, EVERYONE should write their own vows. It made it so much more special and I cry every time Eric and I read ours. (We bought these cute little-personalized vow books on Amazon.)

Eric’s very good childhood friend, Jonny, got ordained so he could officiate our wedding. He did such a great job and it was so much more personal since he knows us both so well. He even took time to meet with us several times to go over details to make sure he had it perfect.

My parents both walked me down the aisle which I loved. They both raised me so they both should give me away right?? I loved having both my mom and dad by my side because that’s how it has been my entire life and will be until the end.

Another super cool part of our ceremony was our ring bearer, Eric’s youngest nephew, Reid. We bought him an old school metal pedal car that was also a police car (since Uncle Eric is a cop and he is fascinated with that). He was pretty nervous about being “ring security” so we may have had to give him a flashlight, handcuffs, police badge, etc to get him to feel confident. But he did a great job driving that car down the aisle.

Perhaps one of the best things about our ceremony was the fact that our beloved dog Que was able to be part of it. She is literally our love child and we are annoyingly obsessed with her. Dogs, unfortunately, aren’t around forever so we are so happy we will have video (side note, because our video deserves a side note, Oscar from Elegante Media Chicago is undeniably amazing. I have watched our video 100 times and it never gets old, he was amazing the day of and his product even better) and photos of her being part of the day her humans got married. (She thinks she is a human too) We could tell she loved being there and she had so much fun getting ready with the girls all day. When one of our friends took her back to the hotel after the wedding (THANKS Matt) he said she passed out as soon as she got in the truck 🙂

Music was perfect. We hired our friends Jake and Bear (acoustic singing duo) to do our ceremony and cocktail hour and oh boy were they amazing!! Let me tell you, you need lives music at your ceremony, it creates such a romantic and sentimental vibe, I absolutely loved it!!

Jeti Entertainment was our DJ for the reception and he kept that dance floor going! Kaitlyn’s nephew Jaxon may have been the biggest hit out there with his foot stomps and classic moves. (I also heard he was ripping flowers off the centerpieces and giving them to girls at the wedding, ladies man :)) Our guests were moving and grooving all night.

One thing I loved about the reception was the speeches. Kaitlyn’s Dad (Paul), Kaitlyn sister (Shea) and Eric’s best friend (Nick) all gave such heartfelt speeches. We love playing them back in our video.

We also loved the way our head table was set up. It made for much better conversation and also looked super cool.

Our bridal party was amazing from beginning to end. First of all, they are a great looking group 😉 but they also made it such a fun day and experience we will never forget. We ended the night at one of the local bars singing along to a live band with our favorite people around us, what more could we ask for.

Rachel and Matt, I honestly have no words to describe how amazing you two were. The preview of photos we got are just breathtaking. Not to mention you guys are super fun to hang with, the bridal party was literally asking for you guys to stay and party. You made the photo part so painless, which I know can sometimes be a drag. But it was just simple and fun with you two. I cannot wait to see the rest and we can’t wait until our home is finished and we can print these and hang them up literally everywhere! Can you come everywhere with us and just photograph our lives??? (we are pretty sad you didn’t invite us to Hawaii for the honeymoon 😉 😉 NEXT TIME OK?)


It’s not easy, it takes a lot of work, but I promise you it is worth it. Try not to focus so much on what the flowers will look like, who is sitting where, or any other nonimportant detail. I get it, it is all important. But what is most important is that your love for one another is expressed and revealed on this day. Focus on your vows, on the songs that mean the most to you, on the people who are by your side, and on the words used for your ceremony. Yes, I put a lot of time and effort into planning this “party” but I put even more time and passion into showing the world our love story on this day.

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Belle Isle Detroit Engagement Photography


belle isle detroit engagement photography


So as everyone knows. I am a west-side / Chicago girl, but Detroit is quickly becoming one of the places I frequent and LOVE to frequent. I get so pumped to grab a bit in Corktown, explore various parts of the city with my newest clients / friends. I absolutley had a blast doing these Belle Island Detroit Engagement Photography session. Lara and Ben are so fun, Lara never stopped smiling and having a blast <3 I am so so so excited they decided to have me along on their love story adventure. And even more excited to spend time with them, their family and friends for their wedding in July. Ann Arbor, here we come!

belle isle detroit engagement photographydetroit engagement photographybelle isle detroit engagement photography


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Millenium Park Engagement Millennium Park Engagement

Becky and Sean wanted a snowy engagement session! And BOY DID THEY GET IT!!! These two embraced the flakes and we all had a blast trying to stay warm.

We actually rescheduled their Millennium park engagement session from our first date because it ended up being rainy and gross (typical mid-west January weather). Well WAITING was not a bad idea at all.

We somehow picked a GORGEOUS day to get wintery photos downtown, there were so few people around the bean I was shocked! Usually, even in the pits of bad weather, it is PACKED. This is the least amount of people I have seen around the bean EVER! And of course, everyone was so nice and didn’t want to be in their photos 😛 Little did they know I WANT THEM IN THE GIFS!! It was quite comical 😛

I had a blast romping through Millennium Park with these two, then we hopped into my car to warm up, headed to Lincoln Park for the honeycomb and then got REAL SICK OF OUR COLD NOSES and headed to Goose Island Brewing Co. to cozy up w/ some fresh pints!!! I am so excited to celebrate their wedding with them in May!!!

Millennium Park Engagement

Millennium Park Engagement

Millennium Park Engagement

Millennium Park Engagement

Millennium Park Engagementthe bean chicago illinois

Millennium Park Engagement

Lincoln Park Engagement

Millennium Park Engagement

goose island chicago engagement ring

goose island chicago engagement


Thank you for visiting this Millenium Park Engagement gallery! Rachel Kaye Photography is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based wedding photographer who loves her former Chicago home and loves adventuring to new places! She cannot wait to photograph your love story. Hit her up by pressing the contact form or emailing all the deets to her directly at

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Fallasburg Park Wedding 

OY! I am back to blogging! For some reason I feel like blogging a wedding means everything is final, and therefore I have put off blogging this one because I just don’t want it to ever end! THESE TWO!! GAH!!! I don’t want to give it all away but their story is adorable, this day was a gorgeous October day (despite some really close calls with the rain!), and Fallasburg Park in Grand Rapids MI was the perfect backdrop. I’ll let Connie and Mike take it from here:


How You Met:

We both work at museums, so it’s fitting that we met at the Michigan Museums Association (MMA) conference in 2012. I (Connie) thought Mike was cute when I first saw him, but Mike was the ultimate professional and didn’t even notice me! After that, we saw each other annually at museum conferences and became friends. Although we secretly liked each other, we each had no idea the other person was into us…even after hanging out several times on what we now joke about as our multiple “first dates.” After the 2014 conference on Mackinac Island, we decided to pay a visit to Whitefish Point on Lake Superior, where Mike had interned at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. This was our first “official” date, and we had a great time!


We actually found our venue by accident!  We originally stopped by Fallasburg Park to check out the covered bridge, thinking that it might be a good location for the ceremony. After driving by, though, it was obvious there wasn’t enough space to accommodate all our guests. Disappointed, we drove over the bridge to head home–and immediately discovered the enclosed shelter house on the other side of the park. It was built in the 1930s and has a giant stone fireplace, cool vintage picnic tables, and a beautiful, forested view overlooking the river. We both love history, hiking, and camping, and with such a great rustic look, we knew it was perfect. We ended up getting married outside against the backdrop of fall colors, then moving inside the shelter house for the reception.

The Ceremony:

Although the rain that had been threatening us all day held off for the ceremony, we did have one major hitch in our plans: the person who we had scheduled to marry us was over an hour late! Fortunately, we were able to invite our guests into the reception area early so they could stay warm and enjoy popcorn and board games while we waited.

When it finally took place, we really loved our ceremony. We broke with tradition a bit and had our parents walk down the aisle first, followed by the maid of honor and the bride. The ceremony itself was about ten minutes long, and we customized our vows to reflect our personality as a couple, which made us (and our guests) laugh.

fallasburg park weddingfallasburg park wedding

Mike’s Suit:

Finding my suit was pretty straightforward.  We went with a navy suit since it paired perfectly with our decorations.  I’m also known for wearing checkered shirts so finding one to wear at the wedding was a must.  We topped it off with matching orange plaid ties for me and my best man. The ties were even on clearance! Connie made my boutonniere herself.

fall wedding bouquet ideasfallasburg park wedding

Connie’s Dress:

It only took one day to find my dress! My mom, sister, and I went to several bridal shops and department stores in my hometown in Ohio. I’m rather practical and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress I’d only wear for a few hours, but I also wanted something that reflected my love of all things vintage. We hit the jackpot at a small shop at the end of the day, and I bought the dress directly off the sale rack at a steal–I only had to have some minor alterations done later. I paired the dress with a pair of comfy, bright red heels I’ve owned for years. For my accessories, I wore a pearl necklace and pearl earrings that my grandmas each gave me when I graduated from college. I made my own bouquet out of fall leaves and an assortment of wood, silk, and dried flowers, and my sister made the clip for my hair.

(I literally was BLOWN AWAY that Connie made her bouquet/ Mike’s boutonniere herself!!!! AMAZING!!!)

fallasburg park wedding

The Decor:

With such a great venue, we decided to just go with the rustic look and embraced a classic fall theme. Connie made most of the decorations herself, including the centerpieces, table runners, signage, and floral decorations. It was really fun to come up with creative, cost-effective solutions for the decor. For the centerpieces, we collected branches, then Connie glued fake leaves onto them and arranged them in festive orange vases from the dollar store. For the table runners, she took a class to learn how to use a sewing machine, then bought fabric with a great coupon and sewed all the table runners and tablecloths. All the signs and table numbers were hand-painted and made from scrap wood.

Another great thing about handling our own decorations was the fun fall things we got to do together to prep for the wedding. We went apple picking at a nearby apple orchard and we picked out a bunch of pumpkins and gourds at a local pumpkin farm. (it’s no secret I live on a pumpkin farm, and these two CAME TO VISIT <3 <3 so some of Bethke Farms pumpkins featured here!).

fallasburg park wedding

The Reception:

We wanted our reception to feel like a big, welcoming family event, so we served fall-themed comfort food (pot roast, chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the works!) and opted for apple and pumpkin pies instead of the traditional wedding cake. We also served delicious pumpkin cookies, sugar cookies, and s’mores.

Mike’s extended family is known to make good use of the dance floor, so the right music was a must. Mike created a great playlist with song requests from our guests, including lots of Motown classics and some fun dance tunes.

fallasburg park wedding

The Photographer:

Our photographer was AMAZING! Rachel was not just on time–she was early, and she got to work immediately. Without needing guidance, she took a ton of shots of the venue, the decorations, the set-up, getting ready, candid shots of family and guests….it was great. She made us feel super comfortable and had us laughing constantly. She also rolled with unexpected changes really well…like when our officiant didn’t show up. She just skipped ahead to taking photos of the extended family–a total pro!

She was also really easy to get in touch with and was really approachable and flexible, so we really felt like we got exactly what we wanted the day of. Thanks so much for everything!!!!!


fallasburg park weddingfallasburg park wedding

Advice to Couples Planning Their Wedding:

Triple-check that all your vendors (especially your officiant!) have your wedding on their calendars. Get their cell phone numbers, and text them friendly reminders.

Don’t be afraid to DIY some things, but plan ahead for craft time. Some things won’t come out perfectly on try #1…or try #2….or try #12.

It sounds super cliche because everyone tells you this, but your wedding day will truly fly by. Don’t stress over unexpected things and try to go with the flow as much as possible. As long as you’re married and everyone gets fed by the end of the day, it will be a success! 🙂


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