Michigan Wedding Photographer // Lauryn + Scott Proposal

Lauryn is like a sister to me (I knew her when she was just a wee little babe and grew up calling her mom and dad aunt/uncle <3 we are family…) and when she introduced us to Scott five years ago at our families annual “Pumpkin Smash” I knew there was something special about him, you don’t just bring someone unimportant to you to pumpkin smash.

So when Scott asked me if he could propose to Lauryn AT pumpkin smash this year by pretending I “NEEDED” some fresh photos I was totally down. I then lied the most I ever have to my sister-cousin by telling her I needed some fall photos (LOL) on the farm (LOL). With lots of chats with Scott we got down the plan for him to propose at the end of the session, and it all went smashingly. Everyone was crying (forever thankful a camera covers my face) and then the pure joy set in. LET ME TELL YOU if you can plan your proposal/engagement around a party… that’s smart. Lauryn’s family and friends then came to smash to celebrate and it was the shit.

I have very very very very high expectations for Lauryns future partner and lemme tell you, Scott hits all the things I would hope for her.  He is smart, kind and incredibly thoughtful and most importantly for Lauryn he is able to meet her goofy side and EXCEED it. I am sure whatever they do for their wedding it will be amazing, and I know they will make great partners for each other in future adventures.

I’m super pumped to add another “cousin-brother” to my family. Love you both.


Rachel Kaye is a Grand Haven Michigan based photographer specializing in weddings of people in love who just wanna have a good time <3 For more info hit that contact button! See you at my next wedding 😀



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