Norma + Andy {Grand Haven Wedding Reception Photography}


It is really a strange thing going through these and realizing your baby sister is MARRIED!!! But it is also awesome…so awesome. She couldn’t have picked a more perfect person for her. I still remember their engagement. Andy had sent Norma a letter in August (a few years back) asking her to not open until her birthday. On her birthday she opened it and it was this beautiful note that ended in him asking her to be his wife. Like WOW…. I was so excited for them how stinking cute is it. Then their marriage was just amazing. So fun to be with a small group of close family in California and watch them get married. So onto our reception… we decided to have a small family/friend gathering at our farm at home to celebrate their marriage. Between my mom and I we came up with a color theme and the idea of doing a rustic farm kind of thing. Super thanks to my dad for getting all the big technical stuff done (like the zazzy dance floor and the sweet idea to use the dead birch tree for decoration!). I ended up having such a great time and even am in some of these pictures thanks to my amazing ‘cousin’ Lauryn who kept stealing my camera :D. I made all of the vases for flowers and even cut all the flowers/weeds myself (they make for some pretty amazing floral arrangements). I actually pulled out all the crafty things from my insane craft collection and even put together a photo booth using more items from my craft room!  We replicated the Santa Maria Barbecue in our own way and my dad even made the grill he cooked the meat on….

IMG_9282IMG_9290IMG_9348reception 43IMG_9298reception 36IMG_9326IMG_9304IMG_9322IMG_9306reception 41IMG_9328IMG_9310reception 32IMG_9311IMG_9312IMG_9315IMG_9317reception 42IMG_9313IMG_9319reception 10IMG_9325IMG_9339reception 23IMG_9340reception 44reception 33IMG_9350IMG_9352IMG_9355IMG_9372reception 1IMG_9383IMG_9384reception 3IMG_9391IMG_9396IMG_9400IMG_9403IMG_9404reception 4IMG_9409reception 13IMG_9420reception 25IMG_9421reception 30IMG_9424reception 16IMG_9435IMG_9440reception 24IMG_9452IMG_9455IMG_9458reception 2IMG_9464reception 11reception 12IMG_9481IMG_9477IMG_9495IMG_9497IMG_9484_1IMG_9487IMG_9490_1reception 26IMG_9500_1IMG_9510reception 5IMG_9518IMG_9530IMG_9532IMG_9543IMG_9555IMG_9563IMG_9564_1IMG_9566IMG_9574IMG_9575_1IMG_9578_1reception 29IMG_9585IMG_9593IMG_9600reception 9IMG_9603IMG_9608IMG_9609IMG_9613IMG_9615reception 31IMG_9633reception 38IMG_9644reception 17IMG_9645IMG_9650IMG_9651reception 35IMG_9666IMG_9671reception 7IMG_9679reception 39IMG_9697reception 8reception 20IMG_9705reception 27reception 28IMG_9713IMG_9718IMG_9723IMG_9736reception 14IMG_9746reception 15IMG_9691IMG_9768reception 37reception 6IMG_9803IMG_9806IMG_9810IMG_9812IMG_9820reception 19IMG_9829IMG_9834reception 21reception 22IMG_9842IMG_9844IMG_9845reception 18IMG_9857IMG_9856IMG_9862IMG_9865IMG_9870IMG_9880IMG_9881reception 40IMG_9890IMG_9894IMG_9910IMG_9915reception 34IMG_9943



Clare Mackay -

I have no words. This is so gorgeous and amazing!

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