Senior Pet Photo-Shoots {Alyssa and Tiger Baby}


My pets mean the world to me. Which probably means if you hang out with me, follow me, or are interested in me your pets mean the world to you too. One thing I quickly realized is that being a pet owner can be terribly depressing. You are so in love with this animal who also unconditionally loves you (well cats have conditions…but that is another post for another time…), and you will totally outlive them. Having outlived a few pets already I know how hard it is. And the one thing I really wish I had was more photos of ME AND MY PET. Not just my pet, but of us together. This got me started on this idea of taking photos of senior pets with their owners toward the end of life stages. It has really been a wonderful ongoing project that I am very passionate about and just love doing. As I talked about yesterday with Black Sheep Bride I love giving back, and this is my way to give back without giving anything to a non-profit, to just help out my fellow human.

I met Alyssa well photographing her good friends wedding (which no I haven’t blogged…but it is COMING!!!). She reached out to me to take photos of her and Tiger-Baby since he is 17 years old. The way this works is you contact me, we set up a time for me to come to your home and hang out with your pets for about a half hour (longer if needed..but I find senior pets get tired quickly and I don’t want to over-stress them out). Then I quickly edit them and you get all the edited files of my choice delivered to you via email. BUT. I really want you to print them. Just do it ok. Put one up in a frame, get a canvas or whatever just print a few out. You will thank me later. And hug your pet while you look at them. Life is so fleeting especially for our pets we all need to cherish these moments together. And have them captured forever and ever and ever.

I think I mentioned this. But I do this totally for free. If you didn’t catch that from the ‘giving’ and all that I just thought that I would throw that out there. Now check out the adorable-ness that is the bond between Alyssa and Tiger-Baby. <3 these two. Go hug your pet.


Did i mention they tire quickly? After about 20 minutes Tiger-Baby was all ready for a nap. Now I will join him and nap as well (naps are the best really…cats and humans both agree)




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