The Photographer


Rachel Kaye


Joining the insanely over-saturated world of professional photography was one of the greatest leaps in life I ever could have taken. My life dream is now my reality. Capturing moments of LOVE and LIFE while they are being lived in the best light possible…to be remembered forever (I’m getting geeked out just typing about it!!!) was exactly what I was made to be doing. It has been a journey and continues to be but I couldn’t be happier to do what I am doing. I am probably your new best friend and you don’t even know it yet. I want to make some sweet freaking photos with you doing whatever you find to be freaking sweet. I like to push my limits with every session being ‘consistently inconsistent’ creating unique images you won’t find on Pinterest (but oh heck yeah we will put them there!). I treat each session with a fresh eye, ear, and heart to truly capture what LOVE and LIFE mean to you.


LOVE and FAMILY(not necessarily blood!) are everything to me. Our connections to each other make the world a wonderful thing and I want to be there to capture it. From your engagement and wedding to your 100th wedding anniversary with your great-great-grandchildren (it’s cool if you're not going to have kiddos but they will still be important!). I want to capture all of it and everything in between for you to share with the world for generations to come.

I am all about all types of love no matter what flag you fly! Non-traditional wedding plans? I AM IN!!! I am here to capture your big day exactly as it is, however, it is you do what you do. I am a ‘feminist’ (i hate that term but it kind of describes my thoughts that men and women should be equal) and photograph like one! Oh, and besides Chicago and Michigan, I love going pretty much anywhere. Let’s journey together!


In the digital age, everyone is a photographer. Everyone has a camera and is capturing moments all the time. THIS IS AWESOME. But every once in a while you want to have all the focus be on getting the details of the moments…all of the moments..while you, your friends, and family are actually able to LIVE THEM. So put away your camera phones cause I GOT THIS.



cats + dogs

really any animal <3


my friends


anything Disney


pretzels + corn

video games

dungeons and dragons

collecting tins

changing my hair

reading (sci-fi and fantasy mostly!)





being late

bigotry + misogyny


cinnamon scents