My name is rachel kaye!


As your photographer, I believe in photographing who YOU actually are.


Moments are fleeting.


I don't mean to be depressing but realizing the importance of a moment has given me the potential to capture a future memory as it truly happens. And while fleeting, it's a gorgeous thing. Those REAL photos are the photos that will be the most treasured for years to come. I'm not interested in photographing an overly posed, fabricated version of your day. I want to photograph the real stuff. The belly laughs over the silly stories in the speeches, the crocodile tears over the vows, and the silly faces that inevitably show up on the dance floor.


I'm a bit different than other photographers because I refuse to show up as a stranger on your wedding day. I am 100% committed to getting to know you and knowing you. So committed that I take a LIMITED amount of weddings and elopements to dive deep into capturing your unique day. This is also why an engagement session is included with EVERY wedding/elopement. They are so integral to me capturing you in your BEST light.


So let's take some time to get to know each other so we can create your memories together.




cats + dogs

really any animal <3


my friends

crocheting + knitting

diamond painting!

anything Disney


pretzels + corn

video games

dungeons and dragons

collecting tins

changing my hair

reading (sci-fi and fantasy mostly!)





being late

bigotry + misogyny


cinnamon scents