Chicago Second Shooter

Hey yo! I’m Rachel Kaye and I would love to be your second shooter!!!!!

I’m a Chicago // West Michigan wedding photographer with years of experience second shooting.

Looking for a second shooter to help you ROCK a wedding? If your Freaking Awesome wedding is located in Chicago, The Chicago-Burbs or anywhere in Michigan I would love to be considered!

My skills include bridal party wrangling, joke cracking, mom defusing, and mad photography skills. 😉

I can rock natural light, and also am very skilled with using natural-looking OCF (off camera flash).

My style is laid back, simple, and clean. I love doing reception dancing shots and meshing with the crowd to really capture how much fun they are!

I shoot in a very photo journalistic style and am always on the hunt for a great moment. I very much enjoy “cocktail hour” and reception candid shots,  am comfortable with all types of people and have no problem getting group shots of lots of guests!

I am also skilled at posing {I always tell my clients I don’t pose them I direct them!}. This probably comes from my background in theatre, which also comes in handy when working at human wrangling and getting attention as well! I have a REALLY loud voice when I want to so getting the attention of distracted family members can be much easier with me around. I also can be a super sneaky quiet ninja so no worries about me being too loud!

I’m there for anything you need- directing the bridal party while you work with the couple, getting detail shots, carrying your bags or gear, running around for things and rounding up family for formals I am there to make your job EASY!!! AND FUN! That way you have the ease to create amazing creative content that your clients will be ecstatic about.

I know that I’m second shooting for you, I am representing your business- I always act and dress professionally. Have cards you want me to hand out? AWESOME! I will talk you up and get everyone at the party excited to visit the couples gallery!

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If you would like to see a full wedding day from start to finish, just go to the my proofing site here!

Gear list:
* Canon R6mkii
* Canon R6
* Canon RF 135mm f2
* Canon RF 85mm f1.2
* Canon RF 50mm f1.2
* Canon RF 35mm f1.4
* Flashes / OCF proficiency

I have a long background of second shooting and assisting at weddings so I know I can handle anything you throw at me! Plus I’m  a ton of fun to have around on a wedding day. In addition to helping you capture a wedding in its natural beauty {I can help find it ANYWHERE!}, I help make the day go at ease for you. Anything you need from carrying your bags, setting up lights to me taking the reins so you can have a quick break whatever you need I am your girl!

I charge $60 an hour for second shooting gigs!

2014yearinreview129I am based out of Chicago but LOVE TO TRAVEL! I regularly shoot as a second photographer in the Grand Rapids / Lakeshore are as well but love traveling to Detroit and up to Traverse City! (locations more than 1.5 hours may require a hotel stay or other travel costs depending on the hours you need me- but all travel costs are based on common sense)

Does this all sound fantastic and awesome? SWEET! I would love to chat more with you about your wedding and what your needs for a second shooter are!
Use the contact info or form below to get in touch!


Phone: 517-410-5481


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