how i give back

BSBC copyRecently I became apart of an amazing group of wedding vendors called Black Sheep Bride. This list of vendors across the USA all are required to give back a certain portion of their yearly income to non-profits. The whole idea is something I immediately fell in love with. Before going full-time photographer I worked for a non-profit and always have been volunteering since I can remember. Giving back is not only awesome for your community but also makes you feel really great too. It is no secret weddings are expensive. So the idea to spend some of that money on items/companies that give back can really do a lot of good. DO IT. If you are a socially conscious couple check out this site for those vendors you should fall for. While they are listed ‘by state {and according to insider info this will change!! i will share more again about this}’ many of them are online and do business all over the country! So don’t sell yourself short by only clicking on a few in your state (to my Mitten peeps you will notice it is just me and a few other awesome GR photographers so OTHER vendors GET ON THAT!!! ..and to my Chicago peeps yah I am not listed under Illinois but I promise I give back there too).

You can check out my vendor profile to see some of the ways I give back. I also apparently FORGOT to add in a huge part of the way I give back. Which is through doing Senior Pet Portraits for free in the areas I work in. My pets are like my children and they live such short lives its so important to me to document your special bond as a memory you will always have to cherish. This is probably my FAVORITE way to give back and something I am super passionate about.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my latest (albeit this past summer…) senior pet photo-shoot and a little bit more about how those go and how to book yours!

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