rkp visits the bay area

san fran

I am bumming around the bay area for quite the  extended vacation etc. So holler at me if your from here and want to meet up. Any advice on cool things I have to do or see also is welcome. I am a gamer geek and seriously geeking out over all the tech things around here already (like helloooo walking by Pixar studios was amazing…seriously? that is like right by where I am staying right now). I have my last wedding of 2014 when I get back and then its time for some serious re-branding, blog posting (seriously so many weddings to blog) and winter sessions! I will be doing a special on winter sessions for the week of Dec 15th so look out for that announcement. I just really want to play in the snow! Even better discount if you have a dog or still have your epic beard left from mo-vember. HAHA.

oh and even though I have my fancy camera I have just been sharing photos via instagram (from my iphone) more than anything. you can follow along by searching the hashtag #rkphitscali or follow me @slowyourstyle

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