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Briar Barns Grand Rapids Wedding | Briana + Jake

Briar Barns Grand Rapids Wedding

briar barns michigan

I was SO EXCITED to return to Briar Barns in the Grand Rapids area earlier this May. When Briana contacted me she told me her photographer CANCELLED on her last minute and I was devastated for her. This is such an important time and I take the responsibility of photography VERY seriously. I was ready to jump in and capture this amazing day for them. After some chats we realized it would be a great fit! I had the best time ever capturing this day for them. Their group of pals are amazing and so are they 😀

The Beginning: 

We were just really good friends in school, texting each other any chance we could get, hanging out together on the weekends, going for runs together, etc. Jake was there for me after a messy breakup. He was the first person I called afterward. He has always been there for me and always have been supportive. So after that moment we went from good friends to great friends. I asked him one day if he could have anything in the world what would it be? And he said “you.” My heart sank. I liked this boy and had no idea that he actually felt the same way. He told within a couple of weeks that he wanted to ask me out and I said that it was still just too early. But what do you know, the next day he was waiting by my locker. When I opened it there was a rose and a note that said ‘Briana will you go out with me?’ (I still have the note pinned in a shadow box in our living room). Of course, I couldn’t say no. And the rest is history.

groom holding a box which says bring day of weddinggirl lint rolling blue suit jacket guy in blue suit with glasses showing something on his phoneall dresses hanging upThe Ceremony: How did it go? Anything special?

It was perfect. Nora & Beckett were just the cutest thing going down the aisle. (Ring bearer & Flower girl)

I semi held in my tears!! And felt like we both rocked the vows.

I feel like we had a terrible messy first kiss haha (not true! Proof in a GIF below 😀 :D)

veil falling to the ground

Any Advice for couples planning their wedding?

Seriously don’t let the little things stress you out!!! Its not worth it and your day will end out beautiful with the help of the vendors and family. Trust me, the vendors know what they are doing and will make sure everything goes according to plan. Our day was better than I expected and we are just so blessed.

Your Photographer: 

Rachel was most definitely the kind of photographer that we were looking for from the start. I definitely felt like we settle on someone else right away just to get a photographer and when she ended up backing out Rachel just kind of fell in our laps!! It was definitely one of those ‘Everything happens for a reason’ moment. We are just so blessed that Rachel was there to help us in our time of need and that she was just so accommodating. She has the perfect personality to be a photographer. She is bubbly, friendly, and quick. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! We love Rachel!!!! Also, the whole wedding party did too 🙂

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