Rachel + Van {Grand Haven Waterfront Steampunk Theme Wedding Photography}


I am on this mission to be a better blogger. This is how I started this whole photography thing anyway so really Rachel GET ON IT. I can make the excuse very easily that I have been busy shooting weddings for myself and others, editing the beejezus out of my carpal tunnel right hand and just plain am busy with everything but it really is just an excuse. Lets get these pretty photos and awesome stories out there!!!! So this is the latest wedding I have done for a very dear theatre family who I have met and loved getting to know doing many a Central Park Players show. Rachel and Van are adorable. He is in the military and they are currently in Arkansas? who knows at this moment…making their way to Texas to start a new life together! I love their quirkiness and the way they look at each other. Their ceremony was beautiful but I wanted to highlight their amazing outfits and the bridal portraits after the ceremony with this post. I just love Rachel’s outfit. She put it together all on her own (no it did not come all together!) and she looked so stunningly gorgeous on this most beautiful Friday evening. The lace top under her corset was a beautiful piece and I loved her added ‘brooch’ which she also found herself (and is not a brooch!).

I can’t wait to share more from this wedding and all the crazy cool stuff I have been doing lately. Until then enjoy!




Van Merrill -

I don’t know who that chick is, but she’s hot.

Jkdy -

Van’s mom.
These are truly magnificent.
Nothing else can be said about them.
The couple.
AND the photos.

In awe.

LiLyAndRu3 -

hahaha you crack me up Van! your lovely lady is quite STUNNING!

Gretchen Fields -

These are so beautiful,Rachel,thank you! You are enormously talented and have a natural eye for beauty and symmetry. Again thank you, you saved the most important day of Pepper’s life for her, Van,and all of us.You’re the best!

Mary Merrill Fuller -

Very nice work. You brought out the beauty in them both. Thx for sharing.

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