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Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding06

Winter weddings are more fun at The Cheney Place in Grand Rapids, MI, and they are even more fun when you spend it with the greatest couple ever surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family. Angie and Justin asked me to be a part of their day and I couldn’t have been more excited, these two are not only so in love but are also the best of friends and it shows. When I first met with them at Founders brewery to chat about their day I was enamored with them (and also with the amazing beer choices they were making… um hello mixed beers? what have I been doing with my life) and their love story. On top of that they were having their dog in the wedding (and had him in their save the date photos!).. I mean come on he was so cute RUNNING down the aisle towards Justin! I am a sucker for dogs and Chance was the most fun furry brides mate dude to have around.

This day was just lovely, from arriving while they were still setting up and getting ready, and getting to know all of the family and friends well, to riding around with the bridal party in a party bus just to drink, to dancing the night away to the sweet jams of my favorite DJ this day was just the bees knees. And a FANTASTIC way to start of 2016 season right!

And huge thanks to my girl Katie for second shooting this with me! She was so amazing and some of these images are hers!

the_cheney_place_wedding03the_cheney_place_wedding04the_cheney_place_wedding05the_cheney_place_wedding07the_cheney_place_wedding01the_cheney_place_wedding02the_cheney_place_wedding08the_cheney_place_wedding09the_cheney_place_wedding10the_cheney_place_wedding12the_cheney_place_wedding14the_cheney_place_wedding15the_cheney_place_wedding54the_cheney_place_wedding55the_cheney_place_wedding56the_cheney_place_wedding16the_cheney_place_wedding26the_cheney_place_wedding17angiejustin1the_cheney_place_wedding18angiejustin2the_cheney_place_wedding19the_cheney_place_wedding20the_cheney_place_wedding21The Cheney Place Wedding Grand Rapids Wedding Photographerthe_cheney_place_wedding24the_cheney_place_wedding25the_cheney_place_wedding27grand rapids wedding photographerthe_cheney_place_wedding29the_cheney_place_wedding30the_cheney_place_wedding31The Cheney Place Wedding The Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding34the_cheney_place_wedding35grand rapids wedding photographerthe_cheney_place_wedding37the_cheney_place_wedding38the_cheney_place_wedding39the_cheney_place_wedding40the_cheney_place_wedding45angiejustin3the_cheney_place_wedding43the_cheney_place_wedding42groomsman socksgrand rapids wedding photographerthe_cheney_place_wedding46The Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding47the_cheney_place_wedding48The Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding50the_cheney_place_wedding13the_cheney_place_wedding52donut wedding cake the_cheney_place_wedding57the_cheney_place_wedding58the_cheney_place_wedding60the_cheney_place_wedding59the_cheney_place_wedding61the_cheney_place_wedding62The Cheney Place Wedding Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding65Grand Rapids Wedding PhotographerCheney Place WeddingThe Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding69the_cheney_place_wedding70the_cheney_place_wedding71The Cheney Place Wedding the_cheney_place_wedding73angiejustin5the_cheney_place_wedding74the_cheney_place_wedding75angiejustin4the_cheney_place_wedding76the_cheney_place_wedding77the_cheney_place_wedding78the_cheney_place_wedding79the_cheney_place_wedding80angiejustin6the_cheney_place_wedding81the_cheney_place_wedding82the_cheney_place_wedding83the_cheney_place_wedding84the_cheney_place_wedding85the_cheney_place_wedding86the_cheney_place_wedding87the_cheney_place_wedding88

Angie’s Dress: BIANKA Bridal

Flower Crown: Alyssa McElheny

DJ: Jeffery Schildroth DJ

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