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Grand Haven Golf Club Wedding Photographer

OH man OH man these two are near and dear to my heart. Having been guests at one of MY FAVORITE WEDDINGS OF ALL TIME, the inspiration for my first GIF at a wedding and hands down the most amazing kind hearted people I have ever met, Hannah and Darin are one of the best couples I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Getting to know them has been fun, their wedding at Grand Haven Golf Club in Grand Haven, MI was amazing, special thanks to Crystal of Crystal V Photography for helping me out with the ceremony at this one 😀 pleasure to have you my dear.but I will let Hannah tell you more about their wedding day. (anything in parenthesis is my addition).

How you Met / The Love Story:

First met at Leppinks, where we both worked in separate departments but couldn’t seem to stay away from one another. We were always finding excuses to come see each other but kept things very private for about 6 months, so sneaky. We had nothing in common at all, but as time went on we found things to bicker about and find some common conversation. We always said “this was never supposed to happen, we were never supposed to be together. We both felt as though we came from different worlds, I was fresh out of high school and he was the more “mature moody man” haha! somehow, 5 years later, we were still together and more alike than we ever would have thought.

(We had a freaking BLAST at their engagement session, and heading to Leppinks for it was, even more, fun than I would have dreamed).


The Grand Haven Golf Club, amazing event coordinator Laura, such a wonderful and beautiful atmosphere. Where we got married was under the pavilion by the putting green, and the reception was in the vintage room, which was just that, very vintage looking thanks to the bright red carpet. Big beautiful windows and door that face the golf course, this location was exactly what we wanted, a place that was woodsy enough for our taste but simple and convenient for our guests. I guess you could say that was what we wanted out of our entire wedding was a simple day that was focused on having fun and not too many other distractions.


Simple, all I wanted was simple. The flowers were the main decoration in the reception room and a few small details like some signs and amazing escort cards that my best friend/maid of honor made (Elise) My mistress of ceremony, maid of honor, grandmother and mother all helped get everything in place the day before the wedding at the golf club.

Hannah’s Get Up:

I initially had a dressed picked out from Spring Lake Bridal and when I went to try it on to show some family and friends, of course, they had a new shipment of dresses come in, and I tried one on that I was interested in, that was nothing like what I had originally planned on and fell in love. I thought I wanted nothing fancy,  something very plain, and simple with maybe a small amount of lace, and instead, I got a glamorous, heavy, long beautiful gown, that I don’t regret at all.

The Ceremony:

The ceremony was spectacular. It was a relaxed environment outside, the sun was peeking through the clouds, all of our family and friends were there, some seated, some standing, making it seem very casual, just like we had wanted.

Darin’s Get Up:

A vest and a bow tie, that’s all I asked for, the vest was accepted happily, but the bow tie, my goodness, it was like pulling teeth. All of the groomsmen wore the same thing, but for Darin to stand out we agreed on a vest, and I just think bow ties are so handsome and classy, and he didn’t agree but eventually came around 🙂

bridesmaids flowers


Music // Reception:

Plain Jane Glory, the best, they played at my brother’s wedding and cousin’s and we could not have our wedding without them, the best dance/foot stomping music, nicest people, sweetest husband and wife duo. They played all of our requested songs from our favorite artists such as Dustin Kensrue, Brian Fallon and Dallas Green, and did a beautiful job, Darin and I both appreciate music so much so it was so special for us to have these two talented musicians do their thang at our shin dig.

Your Photographer (aka: ME!)

So much more than a photographer, Rachel was basically another bridesmaid who took such good care of me as a bride, Darin and I as a couple, she knew when we needed some time to ourselves, she knows the ins and outs of weddings and can answer all the silly questions I thought of, like what leg does the garter go on? and can you bustle my dress pretty please?? She was just wonderful, all the stress and anxiety of the day was gone when we did our first look shoot and it was just the two of us and we were truly able to enjoy one another from that moment on. She’s amazing and was an essential aspect of our wedding day. Thank you so much!

Advice To Couples Planning Their Wedding:

Remember to just take a deep breath often and know that everything will come together perfectly, and keep things simple for yourself and your guests.

Thank you for viewing this Grand Haven wedding gallery. Rachel Kaye is a Grand Haven based photographer who specializes in offbeat weddings that are all about love and family. Now booking 2018 Weddings at Grand Haven Golf Club! If you are a rad couple who is all about love, fun and making awesome photographers. HIT ME UP.


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