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Heather messaged me a few months ago asking “hey I really want to do a maternity session with you, with smoke bombs? is that weird?”. It is not something I had heard of but I was totally down to explore the idea! We decided to meet up in their new home town of Muskegon, MI to capture her as the glowing future mother of their baby boy Rivers. I had a blast putting together this shoot with Heather and was elated when Randy offered to come along for the ride! I ended up making this white maternity skirt and the purple wrap dress (+ the belt!). I am a pretty handy sewer and wanted Heather to feel like mother earth! With the addition of my floral crown I think we achieved it quite well. She is just GLOWING and I am so excited for them! Rivers is due in just a couple of weeks and he is already so so lucky. I cannot wait to meet him. I was so elated to be their wedding photographer I am now pumped to be their maternity photographer and eventually family photographer!

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