University of Michigan Engagement | Catherine + Chris


Catherine + Chris!!! YES! From the moment we first talked I knew these two had it going on! We met up to do their engagements and get to know each other at University of Michigan and bombed around Ann Arbor, MI shooting and making fun animated gifs. I cannot wait for their wedding next summer! As if it is almost fall….. so glad we got to get together during the summer attempt to beat the heat. It was so hot/humid this day and working in mid-day sun is complex and awesome sauce.

P.S. I went to Michigan Sate, and I bleed green hard but there is a special place in my heart for UofM since both of my parents went there. So <3 to A squared (and Zingermans….mostly Zingermans….OH! They went to Zingermans after this I do believe!)

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love this little girl in the tie dye and Catherines big sigh at the end.


me: ‘hey guys! have you practiced your dance at all?’

catherine and chris: *silence*

me: well how about you do some turns

catherine and chris: this cuteness below


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